This is Dr. Mohammad Jane Alam Khan, Assistant Professor in the department of Mechanical Engineering, BUET. He completed his Bachelor and Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from BUET. He obtained his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) with focus on atomistic study of plastic deformation behavior of molecular crystal HMX. His fields of research interest includes Mechanics of Material, Dislocation and Plasticity, Energetic Materials, and Molecular Dynamics Simulation. He likes bicycling, travelling, mountain trekking, and camping at leisure times.

Mechanics of Material is a branch of engineering which studies material behavior subjected to stress and strain. This field is sometimes referred to as Strength of Materials.

Dislocations are imperfections in a otherwise perfect crystal and is often the reason for plastic deformation. It is the dislocations which move in a crystal to produce plastic slip.

Energetic Materials are those materials which contain a large amount of chemical energy which is released upon bond breaking and are often used in explosives for that reason.


Dr. Khan's Academic responsibilities include conducting research, supervising students, and conducting academic courses. A list of publications by Dr. Khan can be found here. Below is the list of academic courses and students under Dr. Khan's supervision:

    1. Postgraduate Courses:

    • ME 6207: Dislocation Theory

    2. Undergraduate Courses:

    • ME 349: Mechanics of Machinery

    3. Postgraduate Students:

    4. Undergraduate Students:

    • Abdullah Mohammad Jamil, Nazia Mustary Nayna, Md. Tamzidur Rahman, Md. Arshadur Rahman, Bishwajit Kar, Md. Sarowar Jaman Akash, and Plabon Paul

Center for Computational Mechanics Research

The Center for Computational Mechanics Research (CCMR) is focused on investigation of material behavior in both nanoscale and microscale using computational facilities. Computational tools used by this group includes LAMMPS, DFT, and ABAQUS. Interested students are always welcome to join the group. Future research projects include:

DFT Analysis of Explosives

Project is focused on investigating potential energy functions and dislocation core structure and energy of explosive material.

Plasticity Analysis using LAMMPS

Formation of hot spot in secondary explovises are of major importance and LAMMPS tool will be used to understand importance of plasticity and relation between plasticity and hot spot formation.

Continuum Scale Studies

Studies of Superalloys and their application in gas turbine blades will be studied using ABAQUS.